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Clow Chiropractic Office Functional Health Management Score™

If you currently have a health challenge it is most likely the result of a functional issue. When all the systems in your body function properly you do not have any symptoms. In fact, the key to maintaining your good health is to maintain good function. We created the Functional Health Management Score to find out just how well you are currently functioning so we can help you get rid of your symptoms and achieve the health goals you have. Functional Health Management Score™ Find out your personal chances of getting well and staying well by taking a few short minutes to answer these simple questions.


How do you know your Health Score?

Bradley Clow discussing treatment options with a patient

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Hello! Welcome to Clow Chiropractic. We’re happy you found us! Nothing is more important to us than finding the underlying cause of people’s pain. Many of us are walking around everyday with loads of stress. Doesn’t it make sense to find a way to help the body meet it head on without any complication?

Finding Balance

The idea of full body balance is foreign to a lot of people, which is why we educate you on the various types of stress that affect your overall health: physical, chemical, and emotional. We can help balance this. Whether it’s dealing with headaches, chronic joint pain, or even being overweight, it’s most likely brought on by stress. Understand that it’s important to keep your body running efficiently so it can fight stress and avoid sickness instead of waiting for it. We want to help you become proactive, instead of reactive.

It’s not too late to change the way you think about health. Explore what we have to offer and let’s have a conversation about how we can help. We can’t wait to meet you and get you moving toward optimal health. Here’s to your best years yet!

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Meet Dr. Bradley Clow

Dr. Clow grew up right here in Brevard County. While attending Rockledge High School, he suffered a shoulder injury and received painful medical treatment with no beneficial effect. While researching other forms of health care for his Career English project, he stumbled upon chiropractic care. He found chiropractic's physiological belief very appealing. He enrolled into Chiropractic College before ever receiving a chiropractic treatment. When he finally received his first chiropractic treatment, the severe migraine headaches that had plagued him throughout his childhood vanished, never to return.

Dr. Clow has never strayed from his course of chosen career or his goal of helping as many people as possible reach their optimum health potential through chiropractic care. Dr. Clow utilizes not only chiropractic adjustment in his office but provides a complete spectrum of natural healthcare: individualized supplements, massage therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises. This allows Dr. Clow and his staff to focus on the needs of each individual seeking their care.

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