Clow Club Reduce Weight Loss Program

A lot more goes into weight loss and health than just looking good. It’s about feeling good. It’s about laying a foundation of health that will last a lifetime and not the length of a fad diet. Having some confidence in how you look is something everybody wants, and our goal is to help with that while also educating you on how to do it safely and effectively. Here at Clow Chiropractic, we have the answer.

Our health program Club Reduce is the last weight loss solution you’ll ever need, if followed properly. This isn’t a “here are the instructions, hope you make it” weight loss plan. It’s doctor supervised from start to finish, focuses on whole body health and pays attention to stressors while fully detoxifying your body. No other weight loss program commits to this level of health.

What Role Does Nutrition Play in the Club Reduce Weight Loss Program?

Properly fueling the body with the right vitamins and nutrients is an actual science that people spend years and years trying to master. So don’t feel bad if you don’t know much about nutrition. That’s where our qualified team comes in. We will educate you on the building blocks of nutrition and what it means to use natural, healthy foods in your diet in order to not only promote optimal health but also prevent disease. This program offers REAL organic foods that contain no GMOs and includes recipes for you to create meals that truly impact your health in a delicious way.

Food should really be considered medicine for the body, and once we understand that key principle and what our relationship with food looks like, the better. The entire process behind Club Reduce is a full body detox. Let’s face it, we eat and ingest all sorts of things that aren’t good for us, so detoxing the body is priority number one. The special technology used to accomplish this is really the secret behind our proven success, and why patients are always bragging on more energy and just feeling better when they wake up in the morning. It’s truly the difference between what we do beyond just another traditional low-calorie diet.

Weight Loss + Life Long Health Benefits

The decision to make better choices on food and overall lifestyle is a commitment to long-term health. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to experience:

  • Decrease in inflammation
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Boost in energy
  • Increased focus

This is a unique and individualized program where we evaluate the body to determine exactly what you need. When you make the commitment to losing weight no matter the reason behind it, these health benefits will change your life. Give us a call with any questions. Better yet, visit our exclusive Club Reduce website at so you can get moving toward good health today!